401(k) Plans for the PEO and ASO Industry

Providing packaged employee benefits has become the key to the success of the PEO and ASO industry. The cornerstone of these benefits is The Finway Group. Our vision at Finway is to provide fully coordinated planning, implementation, and administration services for retirement plans. Finway has been providing these services to the PEO and ASO industry since 1998.

We believe the unbundled approach is a trend of the future of retirement plans for the PEO industry, much like what you do for your co-employers by coordinating the HR, workers' compensation, benefits and payroll. We too find it just as important for you to select not only the broker that can best help you with your training and enrollment, an investment provider that is a leader in the PEO and ASO industry with a platform of products that is second to none, an ERISA attorney that works almost exclusively with your industry and Finway, one of the most competitive, comprehensive service-driven TPAs in the market today.

Should any one part of your retirement team fail to meet your expectations, just replace that team member with another and continue on almost seamlessly. No need to scrap the entire retirement plan if just one part of your program is broken.

Finway specializes in providing a retirement plan package with great flexibility. Our unique approach allows us to provide you with the most cost-effective, seamless retirement plan program from initial plan design to ongoing plan administration. Our approach also utilizes the "best of both worlds" by teaming up with a professional pension provider(s) such as TransAmerica, John Hancock, Hartford, Lincoln Financial and a truly state of the art "Open Architect" platform tailored specifically for the PEO/ASO industry. Finway will perform all the annual compliance services, while the pension provider would maintain the participant records and invest the assets of the plan, which consist of name-brand mutual funds and self-direction, if required.

Multiple Employer Plan

A multiple-employer plan is a pension benefit plan maintained by more than one employer allowing them to pool their plan assets for investment purposes and to reduce the cost of plan administration. A multiple-employer plan maintains separate accounts for each employer so that contributions provide benefits only for employees of the contributing employer. There are no collective bargaining agreements requiring contributions in a multiple-employer plan.