Why Choose The Finway Group?

The Finway Group
is a third-party administrator (TPA), specializing in consulting, designing, developing, installing, and administering retirement plans. Our integrated approach saves you time and money while helping your employees save for retirement.

A retirement plan offers many important advantages to your employees and to your company. Setting up a new retirement plan or revising an existing plan can be complicated and confusing in light of the changing tax laws and changing needs of your business. At The Finway Group, we will work with you in establishing a new retirement plan or revising an existing plan to best suit the needs and objectives you want your retirement plan to address.

Why use The Finway Group as your TPA?

1. State of the art designs for 401(k), 403(b), profit sharing and cash balance plans.

2. Ability to maximize the best tax advantages for both employers and employees.

3. Work only with top-notch providers who support a 401(k) platform.

4. Work with employers of any size, including single and multiple employers.

5. Ensure your plan is always in compliance by handling all the government paperwork.

6. Work with your broker of choice, and we do not sell direct.

7. We are affordable.

8. Knowledge and experience of the Defined Contribution Defined Benefit and 403(b) marketplace is second to none.

9. Ability to run side-by-side comparisons to evaluate various allocation formulas.

10. Will make your job easy as your plan administrator.

Finway offers plan design assistance to help you identify the best options for your company and maximize your plan's overall benefit objectives. We do this by:

1. Identifying needs

2. Establishing goals

3. Setting priorities 

4. Making recommendations

5. The next step is implementation; this is crucial to make sure the plan is compliant and meets your objectives.

6. Plan drafting

7. Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD)

8. Plan amendments

9. The Finway Group retirement plan services also include:

  • Takeover assistance
  • Compliance services
  • Ongoing consultation services
  • Vesting calculations
  • ADP and ACP testing
  • Section 415 annual additions testing
  • Section 410(b) coverage testing
  • Section 404 deductibility testing
  • Section 402(g) limit monitoring
  • Top heavy testing
  • Form 5500 preparation
  • Calculation of minimum required distributions
  • Loan distribution calculations