Welcome to The Finway Group!

Our company was originally founded in 1997 and provides trusted pension expertise through consulting, creative plan design and compliance administration for retirement plans. The Finway Group identifies an employer's financial, tax and employee retention objectives and tailors a retirement plan to meet their goals. Now servicing hundred's of retirement plans, and supporting ten's of thousand's of employees with over a billion dollars in assets, the Finway Group has become one the fastest growing TPA’s in the country. Providing exceptional customer service, timely reporting and competative pricing has given The Finway Group a real edge in the market place.

In addition to typical TPAcompetitive work, the Finway Group  in 2005,  launched an initiative to help the industry do a better job in building, designing and explaining “Open Architect” 401(k) plans to the market place. The Finway Group has rapidly become the industry leader in assisting’s, employers and advisors to better understand all the moving parts of a 401(k) and what costs are related to each of those services through detailed fee disclosure. The Finway Group has designed a 401(k) platform unlike any other platform in the industry which has truly set us apart from the rest of our competition and now many are trying to copy.

While The Finway Group has significantly grown in the number of employers who now utilize our services, we have done so by maintaining an exceptional high level of customer service and customer satisfaction. A national call center has been established for advisors, employers and employees to call, with whatever questions they may have, to help eliminate the frustration of not knowing who to call. The Finway Group is a non-producing TPA and prides itself on helping other Advisors grow their business. Our primary source of growth is referrals from our existing clients that feel the service and support from the Finway Group is unlike any they have ever experienced before. We believe that we will change the way you look at your 401(k) plan forever and this will be the last time you will ever have to change your retirement plan.